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FREEdom from MEdom Project is for all people who are in recovery and who need recovery. It’s vision and purpose is to be the vehicle for individuals and families to learn and gain understanding into truth about who we are in the midst of ongoing and deepening dissatisfaction; who God is in the person of Jesus Christ who created all things, is sovereign over all things, is in authority over all things, and who can and will act to empower us to do the extraordinary when we seek to have relationship with Him.

If you wish to go right to the FREEdom from MEdom Activities page, click here.

FFM Activities is an opportunity for activities through FREEdom from MEdom Project to encourage and support your recovery from MEdom. These activities are as follows:

  • TWIRL is the acronym for “This Week In Recovery Lesson”.
  • TWRAC (pronounced “track”), is the acronym for “This Week’s Recovery Application Challenge”. TWRAC is intended be present the application challenge from the TWIRL exercise.
  • Recovery Scripture is Scripture that will be available on a daily basis.
  • Questions for FFMP that can be sent in the comment sections at the conclusion of the TWIRLs, TWRACs and Recovery Scripture segments.

DONATE: If the Activities content has been valuable to you in your recovery journey or helped someone you care about, please consider a donation to support the ongoing work of FREEdom from MEdom by clicking on the donate link.

FREEDOM POST: is the opportunity for individuals to post blogs to FREEdom from MEdom Project. As long as blogs are well-written (edited and proof read), and consistent with the objective of this endeavor—targeting truth and sensibility in recovery from a Christ-centered approach, they can be posted here. All blogs would be subject to editing for content, as well as spelling and grammar, and would be subject to approval by the editor(s) of FFMP.

INTEGRITY: There are, of course, the obvious questions regarding how this will work. What about crisis management and liability? What about ethical dilemas? Online “counseling”? There are those that cannot afford professional help. There are those without sufficient financial means for professional help. There are those without adequate insurance provision. There are those without adequate transportation, and still others with scheduling obstacles. FFMP is the sensible alternative for these individuals and families to receive help for recovery from their problems that works.

FFMP is not intended to be a source for intensive intervention. It is facilitated by licensed recovery counselors that are responsible to maintain ethical integrity. Members that express their need for intervention (i.e. suicide, addiction, treatment) will be referred to an appropriate source for the help they need.

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  1. Grace says:

    I would love very much to change and be the woman my God wants me to be. Please pray with me that I will be healed body, soul and spirit. GOD BLESS YOU.

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