Ethical Integrity

There are the obvious questions regarding how this service will work. What about crisis management and liability? What about ethical dilemas? Is this online “counseling”?

  • FREEdom from MEdom Project is not an online counseling service.
  • FFMP does not replace psychotherapy and professional counseling.
  • FFMP does not replace the need for mental health services.
  • FFMP is not a source for crisis intervention.
  • FFMP will refer its customers to the appropriate service (including emergency services) should the need to do so become apparent (i.e., via comments).

However, there are those that cannot afford professional help. There are those individuals and families without sufficient financial means for professional help. There are those without adequate insurance provision. There are those without adequate transportation, and still others with scheduling obstacles. FFMP is the sensible alternative for these individuals and families to receive help for recovery from their problems that works.

Research indicates that only 20 percent of people who recover from patterns of habitual and addictive behavior do so through professional help. FFMP intends to be a resource for the other 80 percent while maintaining strict ethical integrity.

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