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FreedomPOST is a blog site to write and publish thoughts for the benefit of all FFMP readers from around the world. You can provide a resource for people reaching out for something better than what exists for them now. To BLOG, simply go to the comment section below and post your thoughts. It could be a paragraph or two, or it could be in article form. It can be something you wrote or something you read that you feel compelled to post for others. Please be sure to identify its author and from where it came if you are posting something you read. If what you post is approved by the FFMP editor, it will appear in the category, FreedomPOST Articles.

If you have a story of recovery and/or thoughts about recovery that you would literally like to share with the world, I would like to present you with an opportunity to do just that. Perhaps you would like to write about how you live out your Christian faith in an age that is becoming increasingly challenging for doing so. Perhaps you have a testimony about how God has helped through adversarial circumstances when you may have doubted in the madness of the perfect storm in your life.

More than half of FREEdom from MEdom readership resides outside of the United States. More than 30 percent of readership are from China and another 20 percent from Europe, including Russia. The world is thirsty for something refreshing and hungry for something with meat on it. God has afforded me this platform and you can be a part of it if you’re feeling led to share. Simply log on to the link below and write your blog in the comment section. Assuming your blog is consistent with what I described in the first paragraph, I will edit if necessary and copy and paste your blog into an article and will advertise your post early on in the home page. IT WILL GET READ across the globe.

This is a wonderful opportunity for those of you involved in ministry to contribute to FREEdom from MEdom Project. FFMP reserves the right to edit any and all material before your submitted content is published.

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