Frequently Asked Questions…

Question) What if I (or someone I know) am (is) in crisis and need immediate help?

Answer) Tell someone immediately. If you are feeling depressed and/or are feeling a deep sense of sadness, tell someone right away. If you are feeling a sense of despair—hopelessness, worthlessness—tell someone immediately. If you, or someone you know, is feeling suicidal, tell someone immediately, or call for emergency services (911 in the U.S.).


Q) Am I required to pay something to participate in the FREEdom from MEdom Community?

A) Payment is not required, but financial support through donation is encouraged, according to what you can reasonably afford.


Q) Why support FREEdom from MEdom Project (FFMP) financially?

A) FFMP was established December 2009 and does not have 501 (c)(3) tax-exempt status with the IRS. We are a pay-for-service organization not requiring payment for service. This is not because we don’t need the support. Quite the contrary. We definitely need the support. However, like your recovery will succeed as it is driven by your faith, so will FFMP succeed driven by our faith and the faith of our community friends. Our trust is in God to provide for this project, and we have left it in His hands to guide you in what you can reasonably afford to contribute.


Q) Where does the money go?

A) Your financial support goes toward expanding the scope of FREEdom from MEdom Project. Steven Gledhill has received invitations to take FFMP to the nations throughout the world from pastors and evangelists that believe that recovery is the path to revival in their communities (you can read Pastor Walubengo’s message on the Recovery that Works home page). Mr. Gledhill has been called by God to teach teachers, pastors, ministry leaders and facilitators, and even the counseling community, how to deliver the truth about being set free through this strategy for Christ-centered recovery. Your financial support will go toward the publishing of curriculum and toward enabling Mr. Gledhill to take the truth of FREEdom from MEdom full-time to wherever God wants it to go.


Q) How can I support FREEdom from MEdom Project?

A) First, consider the value FFMP has had or has the potential to have in your life, the lives of your family and friends, and throughout the world. Next, pray about it. Ask God for an amount you can reasonably afford to contribute that can have an impact. Then, proceed to donating through a secure PayPal account.


Q) How do I pay to support FREEdom from MEdom Project? What is PayPal? Can I send a personal check?

A) You need to choose a payment option. You can choose to support FFMP on a monthly basis, annual basis, or you can make a one-time contribution. All financial transactions are managed by PayPal, a secure account management company that is well guarded against identity theft and other potential risks concerning financial transactions. You can pay PayPal with a major credit card.

Or, you can send a personal check to FREEdom from MEdom Project:

217 Amherst Court, Oswego, IL, 60543-5202, Attn: Steven Gledhill


Q) What if I would like to make a tax-deductible donation to FREEdom from MEdom Project?

A) Since FFMP is not a 501(c)(3) charitable organization, we ask that you financially support us by your donation or subscription. If you would like credit for a tax deduction, please consider giving/donating your FFM Community Friendship to your local church or synagogue or community services. Through authorized organizations such as those you would be eligible for a tax deduction.


Q) How do I navigate back to the main “FREEdom from MEdom Project” website from the FFM Community page?

A) Move your cursor to the right under “FFMP Home Site”, locate the category (i.e., ADMIT articles) and click on it. Then, simply search for the content you wish to access.


Q) How do I return to the FFM Community Activities?

A) Locate the Community Friend LOGIN link near the upper right hand corner of the FFMP home site page. Move your cursor to the RETURN to Community Activity link and click there. You will return to the FFM Community Welcome page, still logged in.


Q) Is my identity protected as a FFMP member?

A) All financial information is protected through PayPal. Per FFMP’s Privacy Policy (see Terms & Conditions), your personal information remains private. Your annonymity is protected. Should FREEdom from MEdom Project cease to exist, all file records would be deleted permantly. The sale of FFMP Friends identity information is strictly prohibited.


Q) How often are the Community Activities updated?

A) TWIRL and TWRAP are updated weekly, and Recovery Scripture is added at least on a weekly basis.

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