B) Believe

B. Believe that God is in complete authority and that He can and will empower you to a better life.

  • If you knew God and believed without doubt that He loves you and wants His best for you, what would your life look like?
  • If you really believed in all of the promises of God to be fulfilled in you, what would your life look like?

Below are the teaching points for the Believe section of NLX 101:

  1. God is in Control
  2. Perceptions of God
  3. Personality of God
  4. Sympathetic Savior
  5. Role Model for Recovery
  6. Ambivalence: Resistance to Repentance
  7. The Evidence
  8. The Verdict
  9. 4 Rs of Salvation
  10. Confident Faith
  11. Why Submit?
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