A) Admit

A. Admit that the way you manage life in your world is not working and you are in effect powerless (without authority) to change it on your own.

  • If your life is everything you want it to be, what does it look like?
  • Why isn’t your life everything you want it to be right now?

Below are the teaching points for the Admit section of NLX 101:

  1. Problem Identification: 5 Ws of Change/Recovery
  2. Stages of Change in Recovery
  3. Irrational Belief System
  4. Guilt and Shame
  5. It’s a Brain Problem
  6. Anger and Resentment
  7. Addicted to Me
  8. Biochemical Warfare: Moral Sabotage
  9. MEdom = Worship/Idolize Self
  10. Spiritual Warfare
  11. Return to Sensibility
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